I am a passionate photographer and love to capture incredible moments with my camera. One could even say that photography is my true calling. Taking photos allows me to share the way I see the world with everyone else. And I hope that seeing the world through my eyes will make you and everyone else love and care about our planet and all live on it as much as I do.

Whenever I travel, I tend to bring a large array of photography gear. And by now I have perfected my carry-on kit. Aside from my camera body itself, everything is lightweight and ideal for trips around the world.

Most of the time I travel with my Nikon D800, two lenses, and an Olympus TG-5 for action and underwater shots.

I tend to edit my photos on the go by using my own Lightroom Presets. Then I usually making minor adjustments to make the most of it.

A Nomads Passport Camera Gear
My Camera Gear

My own story as a photographer started back when a was a little kid. When I was around four years old, I got my first camera and even back then I loved capturing nature and animals. A passion that only grew over the years.

In time, I learned a lot and discovered my own photography and editing style. And chances are, that it will continue to change. Hopefully, these photography resources and photographic travel inspiration will inspire you to pick up your own camera.

Manual Photography

An introduction to manual photography

If you want to take the best possible picture of everything, I can only recommend taking pictures in manual mode. It gives you more control over the photo and extends that range of pictures you consider possible with your camera.

It takes a learn which settings work best and you will keep learning new techniques, but it is worth it.

Take a few days to learn the basics of manual photography before your next trip and you will be amazed by how different your photos will be.

Solo Traveler Photography

Taking photos of landscapes, animals and buildings is easy, when you travel on your own. But taking good pictures of yourself when you are a solo traveler can be a struggle. It requires more effort, additional gear, and some tips and tricks.

Solo Traveler Photography - how to take amazing pictures of yourself as a solo traveler

Photos from around the World

Do you like my photos and want to hire me or use my pictures?

If you want to use my pictures or want me to take pictures of a new location for you, you can either use the pictures I uploaded to my Shutterstock account, contact me concerning licensing permissions for pictures on this website or hire me as a photographer.