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Oceania Travel Guide

Oceania consists of 14 independent countries like Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Several dependent territories like French Polynesia and the Cook Islands also belong to to this part of our world.

It is a region of differences and untouched nature. Oceania’s unique ecosystems and remoteness has lead to a unique flora and fauna. Furthermore you can observe marsupials like kangaroos, koalas and quokkas or birds like the famous kiwi.

Australia offers diverse landscapes that range from deserts in the Red Center to the oldest rainforest in the world in Queensland’s tropical north. You have stunning beaches like Bondi Beach in Sydney or Cable Beach in Broome.

Some of the most famous natural wonders of Australia are Uluru in the Outback and the famous Great Barrier Reef.

Meanwhile New Zealand offers volcanos, the Southern Alps and incredible places like Milford Sound. It is home of Mount Cook (Aoraki), which is the largest mountain of this region.

Countries in Oceania to visit

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • French Polynesia
  • New Caledonia
A baby quokka which is one of the marsupials you can only find in Australia. It is one of the cutest animals in Oceania.
Quokka – one of the cutest animals in Oceania

It is a paradise for hikes and waterfall lovers. Furthermore is offers a lot for adrenaline junkies as Queenstown is know as the adventure capital.

The Pacific Islands of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia are tropical paradises. Polynesia alone consists of more than 1000 islands.

When to visit Oceania

Stunning Landscape in Australia which is a part of Oceania.

The best time to visit Oceania depends on your exact destination as there are various climate zones. However most general recommendation is to visit it in the summer months from April to September.

Oceania Bucket List

It would be impossible to create a complete list of all the amazing things you should do in Oceania. Therefore this list is only a small selection of the great adventures that await you.

Places to See in Australia

Sunset at Sydney Opera House, which is a must see in Oceania.
Sydney Opera House

Places to See in New Zealand

  • Mount Cook
  • Mount Tongariro Alpine Crossing
  • Franz Josef Glacier or Fox Glacier
  • Milford Sound
  • Auckland

Oceania Travel Guides

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