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About Me

Hey everyone,

I’m Steph, a twenty-something photographer and travel writer that loves to travel and to explore different cultures.

About Me A Nomads Passport Steph

In the past four year, I’ve taken every chance to travel and I hope to inspire your own adventures with my travel stories and tips.

I am a restless wanderer and photographer, that always hears the call of the unknown. Someone who has decided to give in to my wanderlust and to explore the world. To see as much as I can and to learn more about different countries and cultures. 

So far I’ve been to 29 countries on 5 continents and the number is bound to rise. I inspire to visit every single country and sovereign as well as autonomous, territory in the world. Therefore the number I’m hoping to hit is 204.  

I do not know, where my journey will lead me, but I hope you will tag along and join the journey around the globe.

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5 facts about me

  1. I first moved abroad when I was 22 and I’d love to live in Sydney again in the future.
  2. My favorite place in the world is Karijini National Park in Western Australia.
  3. I have loved photography since I was a kid and used to drive my mom insane as I only took photos of landscapes.
  4. My favorite countries are Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
  5. I love road trips and dream of driving down the entire Pan-American Highway.

Why I started A Nomads Passport

I believe that those that travel and are willing to explore the unknown will be rich, as it is not money, but experience that makes us a millionaire.

Sadly, many of the wonders that make us so much richer are currently endangered by climate change and other manmade catastrophes. Oftentimes we don’t get to see the disastrous impact on our environment. It is therefore that we don’t realize how much we have to protect. 

But the moment we travel or see pictures, we are reminded of all that is out there. We see endless beauty and the gaps left behind by all those things we could not protect. We gain unique experiences and feel the call to take action. To protect unique ecosystems like coral reefs and rainforests and to do what we can to safeguard them. ?

My website is all about sharing my adventures and pictures with you. Hopefully it inspiring those of you that have yet to begin your journey around the world so you can see the beauty of our planet in all its forms. I sincerely hope that it will make you answer the call. 

On here you’ll find pictures, videos, travel reports and recommendations, and chances are that you’ll discover your next adventure along the way.

I don’t know every step of my own journey, but I hope that it’ll eventually lead me to every country and sovereign or autonomous territory in the world so that I can share all the wonders and cultures of our amazing planet with all of you.

May all of us see the wonders we want to see 
while ensuring that future generations have the same opportunity.

– Steph

(the woman with a @nomadspassport)

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