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Have you ever dreamed of seeing or splashing around in a pink lake? If so, Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia is perfect for you! Find out everything you need to know for your trip there.

Bubblegum pink water, salt piles at the shore, and a bright blue sky – that is what will take your breath away if you visit the Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia on a sunny day. A trip here is truly a unique experience, and there is no denying that visiting this pink lake is one of the most amazing things to do in the state. After all, it is a large pink wonderland!

Western Australia might be full of stunning sights, but the Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake is one of the best ones. It has even been the location of several high fashion shoots including one by Lancôme.

Located on the Coral Coast near Port Gregory, Hutt Lagoon is around 6 hours north of Perth, 1 hour north of Geraldton, and approximately 40 minutes south of Kalbarri. Therefore, it is an ideal Western Australia road trip stop.

Woman splashing around in Hutt Lagoon
Blue sky of the pink lake Hutt Lagoon

Visiting Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

Hutt Lagoon is a must-see location if you are planning a road trip from Perth to Exmouth, Perth to Kalbarri, or an even longer trip from Perth to Broome. It can appear bubblegum pink, lilac, or even orange-red. Hereby, the coloration you get to see when you visit this stunning pink lake depends on the position of the sun, the cloud cover, and also the salinity of the water.

It is one of the most picturesque places in Western Australia, and I am incredibly grateful that I got the chance to visit it during my second Australia trip.

Having previously seen photos of the Hutt Lagoon pink lake on social media, I was not sure how much people had edited their photos to make the lake appear pinker than it is. But upon the first glimpse, I realized that this unbelievable location does in fact have bubblegum pink water.

My travel group and I first saw it while driving past it to reach Geraldton, and I cannot say just how loud the squeals of joy were which suddenly erupted in our minibus. I do not think any of us expected it to be as pink as it was.

Road Trip to Hutt Lagoon

Upon arrival at the ‘Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake Viewpoint‘, we essentially raced out of the minibus. And I honestly have no idea how much time we spent there, as I sure had an incredible time splashing around in the pink water and pretending to be a flamingo. Because let’s be honest – the water looks flamingo pink, and it is all too easy to imagine them in this setting.

Funnily enough, the salt crystals cause your skin to sparkle in the sunlight, so you can fulfill your dream of looking like a Twilight vampire.

Be sure to also stop in the charming Port Gregory fishing village. It is an amazing place to grab a bite after marveling at this rather unique sight.

Please ensure that you do not any trash behind when you leave Hutt Lagoon. After all, everyone should be able to enjoy a pristine environment without having to pick up the trash of others.

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The Best Hutt Lagoon Viewpoints

Unlike Lake Hillier, the Hutt Lagoon pink lake is very accessible and you can nearly access the entire shore of the lake by walking there without a long trek.

The best viewpoint is the ‘Pink Lake Lookout’ on Port Gregory Road. There is an unsealed parking area, and you only have to walk a few meters to reach Hutt Lagoon.

While there is no official viewpoint on this road, you can also pull over along Gorge Grey Drive. Just ensure that you do not hinder traffic in any way and that your stopping at the side of the road does not endanger anyone, including you.

If you want to see Hutt Lagoon from another angle, you can also book a scenic flight with Shine Aviation, Kalbarri Scenic Flights, or Geraldton Air Charter.

Book a Scenic Flight over the Pink Lake

Port Gregory Sign
Port Gregory Pink Lake

Best Time to visit Hutt Lagoon

While it is always a stunning sight, the best time to visit Hutt Lagoon is around midday (10 AM to 2 PM) when the lake is hit by direct sunlight. Additionally, clear days are best, as the color of the lake will be more saturated. Go just before sunset to see the lake’s colors change as the sunlight fades.

Instagrammable Hutt Lagoon

There is no specific time of the year that is best for visiting Hutt Lagoon, as this natural wonder is always pink.

You should keep in mind that a larger amount of the lake’s water evaporates in summer, which means that there are more salt crystals at the shore which makes it less pleasant to enter this pink lake. However, summer also sees more cloud-free days, so it definitely has its advantages.

Meanwhile, there are more cloudy days in winter, and due to the milder temperatures less water evaporates, which means that there is more water, but also less salinity.

If you want to see the Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake during the wildflower season, you have to plan a trip there between July and September.

Hutt Lagoon Facts

About Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia

Sometimes also referred to as the Pink Lake Kalbarri, Hutt Lagoon was named by the British explorer George Grey who camped at Hutt Lagoon’s shore in 1839.

It is a 14 km long and around 2 km wide marine salt lake that is mostly below sea level and fed by springs that fill it with marine water. The pink lake is separated from the ocean by a beach barrier ridge and a barrier dune system.

Shore Hutt Lagoon

Is it allowed to swim in Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia?

Legally speaking, it is allowed to swim in Hutt Lagoon as long as you are not in the area leased by BASF. However, the water in many areas might not be high enough to allow you to swim, so do not expect to swim around a lot.

While it is safe to enter the water, I still recommend not putting your head underwater. Bumping your head into the sharp salt crush on the ground is a terrible idea.

Also, keep in mind that the high salinity will any cuts in your skin to burn, so it is best to keep wounds out of the water.

Hutt Lagoon Entry Fee

Thankfully, there is no Hutt Lagoon entry fee. Just drive there and start exploring this bubblegum-pink lake.

Why is the Hutt Lagoon pink?

Hutt Lagoon receives its pink color thanks to the orange-red beta-carotene that is produced when the green Dunaliella salina algae in the water try to protect themselves from the sunlight.

Hutt Lagoon WA
Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake WA

BASF Chemical Company

BASF Chemical Company rents part of the lake as they use the naturally occurring microalgae in the lagoon. This makes Hutt Lagoon the home of the world’s largest microalgae production plant. BASF also has a commercial supply of brine shrimp, which deepens the coloration of the production plants’ sectioned-off pools. A rather stunning sight if seen from above. I sure would have loved to get some drone shots, but to my great dismay, it was way too windy to let it fly.

While the fact that there is a chemical production plant might sound scary, you do not have to worry about it. They harvest beta-carotene that is then used as a food colorant or in cosmetics.

How to get to Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

There is no public transport that would drop you off right at Port Gregory Pink Lake, so the best way to get to Hutt Lagoon is to drive there. Especially, as going there by car allows you to drive around the lake.

If you are staying in Port Gregory or Horrocks Beach and only want to see it for a few minutes, you could also take a taxi. If you are staying further away than these towns, I do not recommend taking a taxi, as the ride would be too expensive due to the distance.

Kalbarri to Hutt Lagoon

If you are in the area, there is a good chance that you will also visit Kalbarri National Park, which is one of the most amazing Australian National Parks.

The fastest route to get from Kalbarri National Park to Hutt Lagoon is the coastal route via the town of Kalbarri. So head towards the coast when you leave the national park and follow Gorge Grey Drive south once you reach Kalbarri town.

You can stop at some points along the road once you reach the ‘Kalbarri pink lake’, but keep in mind that the Hutt Lagoon pink lake viewpoint is on Port Gregory Road. The two roads connect at the southern tip of the lake.

First Glimpse of Hutt Lagoon
First glimpse of Hutt Lagoon

Perth to Hutt Lagoon

The distance from Perth to Hutt Lagoon is around 515 km, so it is not exactly a day trip from Perth. The driving time is 5:30 hours and you can go there via National Route 1 or the Indian Ocean Drive.

The Indian Ocean Drive eventually joins Highway 1, but it is more than worth it to choose this route. After all, there are several amazing stops along the way including the Lancelin Sand Dunes, Jurien Bay, and the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park.

After passing the point where the roads connect, you have to follow Highway 1 to Geraldton, which happens to be the starting point of most scenic flights over Hutt Lagoon and other beautiful areas like the Abrolhos Islands. If you have not booked a scenic flight (which you really should, as the view from above is amazing), you have to continue on Highway 1.

Leave it once you reach Northampton and follow State Route 139 for 44 km. It will lead you right to the southern tip of the pink lagoon, and from there you can drive down Gregory Road towards Port Gregory and the viewpoint, or along Gorge Grey Drive.

Scenic Flights over the Pink Lake

What to bring to Hutt Lagoon

All in all, there are no absolute necessities, but aside from sunscreen, a camera, and maybe your drone, I recommend bringing reef boots or diving boots. At least, if you plan to enter the water.

The salt crystals on the ground and at the shore are incredibly sharp and could easily cut your skin. So do yourself a favor and wear shoes when you enter the water.

If you have any cuts that might come in contact with the water, you should also bring waterproof band-aids, as contact with the saltwater would be painful.

Me at Hutt Lagoon WA

Towels and some water to wash off are also a good idea, as the salt is incredibly sticky. Trust me when I say that you do not want to spend an hour in the car without getting rid of it. If you do not want to bring water, you can also take a dip in the much less salty ocean by visiting the beach of Port Gregory.

Pink Lake Hutt Lagoon Accommodation

The closest accommodation to Hutt Lagoon is the Port Gregory Caravan Park. You can also stay at the Horrocks Beach Caravan Park, which is a little bit further away.

If you want to stay in Kalbarri, the Eco Haven Retreat is a wonderful place to stay if you want to have a private pool. River Retreats Kalbarri is a great option if you are traveling with a group of friends. The Kalbarri Edge Resort and the Kalbarri Palm Resort are also nice accommodations.

Hutt Lagoon Camping

Hutt Lagoon Salt e1642133999352

In case you want to camp near Hutt Lagoon, the closest campgrounds are the Little Bay Campsite right at a picturesque beach (4WD only), or the inland Elbenjo Campground. Both are paid campsites, as all free camping spots in the area have been closed.

If you dream of camping close to the beach but do not have a 4WD, you should stay at the Lucky Bay Campground north of Hutt Lagoon. Just know, that it is not the famous Lucky Bay with kangaroos on the beach. That one is located in Cape Le Grand National Park, so you have to head south towards Esperance if you want to visit it.

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Roundup: Visiting Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

Seeing a pink lake should be on everyone’s Australia bucket list. And if you want to avoid long drives that cannot be combined with other destinations and the risk of a lake not being as pink as you want it to be, Hutt Lagoon is the ideal choice. It is one of the best places to visit in Western Australia.

It is easy to get to the lake and there are plenty of amazing spots around the shore that offer you a stunning view. So be sure to add Hutt Lagoon to your travel plans!

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Have you already seen a pink lake like Hutt Lagoon?

Let me know in the comments!

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