Daily Budget in Bangkok – How much do 4 days cost?


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How much do 4 days in Bangkok as a backpacker cost? A general estimate based on my own spendings that will help you to explore Bangkok on a budget.

Before I flew to Bangkok I looked up how much my four days in Bangkok would cost me. And I was shocked when I saw the daily budget in Bangkok most websites listed. All amounts listed were above 60€ and it is safe to say that this was not my definition of exploring Bangkok on a budget. Therefore I made it my mission to see if I could do everything I wanted to and have a great time for less than 30€ per day. And I can say that I loved my time in the city.

The breakdown of expenses below will show you how I did it without missing out on anything Bangkok has to offer. This spending diary lists all of my expenses and I hope that it will help you plan your own budget for Bangkok.

I had bad luck with the weather on the day I wanted to do a day trip, so I ended up staying in the city. Therefore you should add the costs of the trip of your choice to your own budget. But even adding the more expensive tour will keep your daily budget below the 30€ mark.

Be aware of the fact that I spend four nights and four days in Bangkok. I had an early flight to the picturesque Vietnam on my fifth day, so I spend another night close to the DMK airport.

The prices in this spending diary are in Thai Baht and in Euro. The exchange rate as of January 2020 is as follows: 100 THB equals 2.97 EUR, 2.54 GBP, 4.80 AUD, or 3.31 USD.

How much do 4 Days in Bangkok on a Budget cost?

Chart of Expenses of 4 Days in Bangkok on a Budget - Transport, Food & Drinks, Accommodation, Phone, Entrance Fees & Souvenirs

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Accommodation: 1000 THB / 30,03€

Hostel in Bangkok:

GN Luxury Hostel 270 THB / night

Hostel close to DMK Airport

Dinba Poshtel 190 THB

While in Bangkok I stayed in hostels that provided me the largest amount of privacy possible in a hostel. Both hostels had some sort of capsule style.

I spend my last night in a hostel close to DMK airport, as my flight to Hanoi departed very early. Dinba Poshtel is in walking distance to the airport.

I honestly loved how the hostels were structured as I felt like I had my own area. It honestly felt like the perfect compromise between the backpacker lifestyle and luxury.

If you explore Bangkok as a female solo traveler I can only recommend both of them to you.

Food and Drinks: 426 THB / 12,79€

Restaurant: 85 + 60 THB

Cupcake (Unicorn Cafe): 150 THB

When I explore a new city on my own for several days, I tend to buy food in a supermarket. I love eating on the go as it saves time and money.

Cozy ‘Home Cafe Tha Tien’
Unicorn Cupcake at the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok

And I love browsing through the store to see what is offered in a new country.

Lets be honest: the prices in big touristy cities can be incredibly high. And finding the best local food can be a struggle.

Alternatively, you can grab some street food or ask locals which places they recommend. They will know the best and most affordable places.

If you are looking for a great and affordable restaurant close to Wat Pho, I can only recommend ‘Home Cafe Tha Tien’. It is located on a side street and the prices there are only a small percentage of those you find on the main street.

Transport: 474 THB / 14,24€

Airport Transport

BKK – City: 40 THB (Airport Rail Link)

City – DMK: 30 THB (Bus)

Ferry: 4 THB

Tuk Tuk: 50 THB

Bunny Card: 100 THB

Metro & Rail: 250 THB

Somehow I ended up buying the wrong public transport card. There are two different systems that are not compatible, so check which mode of transportation you will actually use if you decide to buy one of them. During the rush hours the lines at the ticket machines can be quite long, so getting the correct card can save you quite a bit of time.

Entrance: 390 THB / 11,71€

The entrance fee of most temples in Bangkok is rather affordable. Hereby Wat Pho is the most expensive temple, but it is well worth the fee.

Wat Pho: 200 THB

all others temples: free or 40 – 50 THB

Sim Card and Data: 299 THB / 8,98€

I honestly overpaid as there are cheaper options, but I decided to buy a sim card the moment I arrived at the airport. Admittedly, I didn’t really look up how to get to my accommodation so I had to bite the bullet. If you want to explore Bangkok on a budget, it is better to buy one at a supermarket. Knowing which sim card is best for you is definitely one of the things to know before going to Thailand.

Souvenirs: 50 THB / 1,50€

I buy a magnet wherever I go and finding one away from Khao San Road was a real struggle. So if you want touristy souvenirs it is the best location.

Things I did not do in Bangkok

There are several things I ended up not doing due to the weather. Below you can check out the current prices for these common touristic activities in Bangkok.

Additionally, you should consider doing some non-touristic activities in Bangkok. Most of them are very budget-friendly and you will easily be able to do them for less than 20€ per day.

Grand Palace: 500 THB

I can only advise you to check if the Grand Palace is something you actually want to see as the price is quite high. After exploring a multitude of temples while in Bangkok, I honestly reached the point where I felt “templed out”. And therefore I did not mind skipping it this time around. It tends to be full of people so it is best to arrive there as soon as the Grand Palace opens.

Railway Market & Floating Market Day Trip

It is possible to book a tour that only takes you to one location. Both both the Railway Market and the Floating Market are located west of Bangkok, so it is perfect to combine them. Especially if you want to explore Bangkok on a budget, as the combi trip saves you quite a bit of money. If you book a tour, a combi trip should cost you approx. 25 USD.

Ayutthaya Day Trip: 40 USD

Visiting Ayutthaya is something I really wanted to do. And while I cannot tell you about my own experience, I saw the pictures friends of mine took there. And let me tell you that it looks incredible. Go there if you have the time and tell me all about it!

Bangkok on a Budget: My Spendings

Daily Budget in Bangkok: 660 THB / 19,81€

Total Cost of 4 Days in Bangkok: 2639 THB / 79,25€

Traveling Asia on a Budget

If Bangkok or Thailand are only one part of a longer Asia trip and you should check out my other budget guides. So far this series covers Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Bali. And to my surprise, Bangkok was one of my cheapest destinations in Asia. So please do not let anyone tell you that it is impossible to explore Bangkok on a budget. Doing day trips might raise your daily budget in Bangkok, but it will still be an affordable city.

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4 Days in Bangkok on a Budget
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Infographic: How much does it cost to explore Bangkok?

The Costs of Exploring Bangkok for 4 Days as well as Bangkok Daily Budget. Including Food, Accommodation and Transport Costs in Bangkok

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  1. This looks great! It’s surprising how expensive Thailand can get if you let it, so it’s always helpful to have a low cost guide or three! 😀

  2. I think you did very well for under 20 euros a day. I love your tip of doing supermarket shopping when travelling to save money. Bangkok is definitely on my list and good to know it doesn’t have to be expensive.

  3. You definitely figured out how to do Bangkok inexpensively. I visited on a cruise ship and could see that expenses run the gamut from budget to five-star class. I was surprised by how inexpensive food is in Bangkok.

  4. You covered so much ground on a great little budget. I am impressed that Bangkok can be so budget-friendly and still learn about the culture, eat great food, and stay in a safe, pretty place. I need to do more research on this destination. Love this post.

    • Glad that you love the post. I honestly did not expect that I could make the budget work when I did my research, but it was so easy. I will post my itinerary for Bangkok in the future if you are interested in reading what I did.

    • You will love the city! It is amazing.
      I’ll post more about Bangkok in the future so hopefully the coming posts will help you plan your trip. 🙂

    • Not in September. It rained every single day I spend in Bangkok.
      But I guess that was to be expected as the rain reason in Bangkok lasts from July to October. Not that I was smart enough to look it up before I travelled there, but it was a last minute decision so I guess things like this happen

      The best weather in Bangkok is from November to February, but that is also when prices are the highest, so I would opt for March to June if you do not mind very hot and humid weather.

      Otherwise I’d go for the shoulder months (October, March and June).


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