The Best First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations


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written by: Steph Kloeckener

24 incredible destinations for first-time solo female travelers. Plan a tropical getaway in Asia or a city trip in Europe - the destination and type of your very first solo trip are up to you.

There are many great solo female travel destinations all over the world, but some of them are better for those traveling alone for the first time. It is just easier to get around there and the countries or places are considered safer than others. These 24 countries and regions are the very best first-time solo female travel destinations.

Spread all over the world, these destinations promise very different adventures, so it is up to you to select the destination for your dream vacation. Take a look at what the individual places can offer you and start planning your very first solo trip!

Woman in a white dress standing on rice terrace in Bali which is one of the best first-time solo female travel destinations

Please keep in mind, that nearly every country can be a great solo female travel destination if you do the right preparation and research. The fact that a destination is not on this list merely means, that it is the perfect place for adventures of more advanced solo female travelers. As it is, some places are just harder to navigate on your own, and therefore, they are less suitable for traveling alone newbies.

Best places for Solo Female Travel in Oceania


Australia has it all: incredible landscapes that range from deserts in the Outback to seemingly endless beaches with turquoise water. Bigger cities with incredible architecture like Sydney and Perth and incredible coral reefs beyond the Great Barrier Reefs. And on top of all that it is one of the best solo female travel destinations. Especially as it is a very safe country.

While Australia is a country of long distances, it is easy to explore the country and all its beautiful corners. There are a lot of backpackers and travelers, so it is easy to connect with like-minded people while traveling alone. It is incredibly easy to get together with fellow travelers and plan a road trip together. And that is more than fortunate, as Australia is the perfect country for road trips. Instead of traveling with strangers, you can also go on road trips on your own. At least, if you do not mind driving long distances on your own.

Some of the best things to do aside from exploring the big cities along the coast are exploring national parks like Karijini National Park or Kalbarri National Park, diving in the Ningaloo Reef, or the famous Great Barrier Reef, and cruising the Whitsundays. Travelers in Australia can chase sunsets, relax at the most amazing beaches, or chase waterfalls in the Tropical North.

Rottnest Island Western Australia

Aside from that, Australia offers the most amazing wildlife. See the wild dolphins of Monkey Mia, go whale watching, or spot koalas close to the Great Ocean Road. Additional incredible wildlife activities are seeing kangaroos at the amazing Lucky Bay in Western Australia or meeting the happiest animal on earth – the quokkas of Rottnest Island.

The one important thing to note about this great first-time solo female travel destination is that it is recommended to always plan ahead.

While being absolutely spontaneous and having no plans is great in some countries, it is best to at least have a general overview. Otherwise, it is easy to overestimate how much one can do and the experience will feel disappointing as you will have to skip activities.

New Zealand

Renowned for its natural beauty, New Zealand is the perfect destination for solo female travelers. One of the safest countries in the world, New Zealand is very accessible for female travelers and there’s a huge amount to see and do. With white, sandy beaches, beautiful bush walks and the majestic Southern Alps, there are plenty of options for both group activities and for having some time out by yourself.

Many travelers start in Auckland, on the North Island, and travel down the country from there. Highlights include stopping in the beautiful Coromandel for stunning beaches, Rotorua for volcanic attractions and thermal spas, then on to the wineries of Hawkes Bay.

But the highlight of any trip to New Zealand is traveling to Queenstown, nestled in the Southern Alps and on the edge of Lake Wakatipu. With good tourist infrastructure and many long-term travelers working in the town, it’s easy to make friends and find people with similar interests to you.

From snow sports and hiking to wineries and adventure activities (like bungy jumping), there’s a huge amount to do in Queenstown and the Central Otago region.


Wander around the town, marveling at the gorgeous lake views. Walk up Queenstown Hill for spectacular, free views of the surrounding area, and visit gorgeous little Arrowtown for a taste of colonial history and delicious restaurants.

The Central Otago region is renowned for its delicious pinot noir and you’ll find many excellent wineries in nearby Gibbston Valley. For magnificent views over mountains and lakes, do some trails in Mt Aspiring National Park. Roy’s Peak, in particular, is a favorite on Instagram with panoramic views over Lake Wanaka. While Queenstown has all the comforts of a larger city, it is a natural beauty that makes this area so special.

Contributed by Roxanne from Far Away Worlds

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First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations in Asia


Bali is the perfect first-time solo female traveler destination, as it is incredibly beautiful and offers areas that are very similar to many Western cities and more remote areas. Therefore, first-time solo travelers get the chance to acclimate to traveling alone in places full of fellow travelers, before venturing towards more remote parts of Bali once they have gained confidence or want to push themselves.

The locals in Bali are incredibly kind and in places like Canggu or Seminyak, it is incredibly easy to connect with other travelers. Therefore, it is easy to make new friends and find travel buddies for day trips. First-time solo female travelers exploring Bali should split their time between Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud.

Pantai Pasut Bali Solo Female Travel Destination

Another appeal of Bali is the incredible beauty of the island which is also known as the ‘Island of the Gods’. It is a paradise full of rice terraces like the Jatiluwih Rice Terrace or the very popular Tegallalang Rice Terrace. In addition to that, you have amazing beaches like the black-sand beach Pantai Pasut or Pantai Berawa, which is a fantastic sunset spot.

In the north of the island in the area around Mundok, it is possible to chase waterfalls. Hereby, Banya Wana Amertha waterfall and Sekumpul waterfall are especially amazing. Explore temples like the water temple Ulun Danu Beratan or Tirta Empul temple with its koi pond.

All in all, it is incredibly easy to get around in Bali and aside from theft, it is a very safe destination.

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Safe, budget-friendly, and incredibly well set up for tourists, Vietnam is one of the best countries in Southeast Asia – and the entire world – for female travelers on their first solo voyage.

Vietnam is extremely diverse and literally has something for everyone, from a mountainous north, long stretch of coastline, southern islands, the delta, and a lush interior.

The two largest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are both must-sees, as is the charming UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ancient Town in Hoi An.

What you do in between is totally up to you. If you like hiking, dedicate more time to the northern areas of Sapa – accessible by overnight train from Hanoi – and more remote Ha Giang, where mountain trails, friendly homestays, and vibrant hill tribe markets await.

Vietnam Hanoi
Hanoi Vietnam

If history and culture are more your things, hop along by train from north to south stopping in Hue, Vietnam’s Imperial City, along the way. Spending a night or two onboard a traditional junk boat as you dart through the limestone karts on Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay is another bucket-list experience to tick off.

English is widely spoken in Vietnam and people are generally helpful, which makes it very easy to get around. An abundance of hostels makes it easy to meet and pair up with other travelers, too.

The only thing you need to be wary of is pickpocketing in the larger cities (especially in Ho Chi Minh) – exercise the same level of caution you would in any other major city.

Contributed by Emily from Wander-Lush


Malaysia is a fantastic destination for first-time solo female travelers. With a hugely varied choice of destinations to add to your Malaysia backpacking route, from street art cities to jungles to paradise islands – and an array of hostels and other cheap accommodations depending on your travel style. There are easy backpacker transport options that your hostels can usually book for you. And while the travel scene is not as crowded as nearby Thailand, it’s still just as thriving and exciting.

Beginning in the travel hub and modern capital of Kuala Lumpur, you can start your trip by seeing the famous Petronas Towers and colorful Batu Caves. But the beauty of Malaysia lies beyond its capital.

Next, head for a jungle adventure in Taman Negara. Stay in Wild Lodge for cheap and friendly hostel hosts who will help you plan hikes through the jungle or take you to swim in jungle rivers.

If you’re after something more relaxing, go to the Cameron Highlands, where the lush green rolling tea fields expand into the distance and offer stunning views. This is a great place to settle down for a while.

Malaysia’s also totally underrated for its islands and beaches! Head to Perhentian Kecil for backpacker vibes or Perhentian Besar for a more laid back resort. The beaches and snorkeling in The Perhentians are just awe-inspiring… and double as a fantastic and cheap place to learn to scuba dive. Langkawi is another gorgeous beach option.

Batu Caves Stairs Kuala Lumpur
Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Finally, don’t miss Georgetown in Penang to sample some of Malaysia’s best street food. Discovering the street art here is also a fun and unique activity in the city!

Contributed by Cassie from CassietheHag

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Batu Caves


Nobody will go to Thailand to walk the unbeaten paths. The country has been a popular holiday destination for decades. But the fact that many ‘pioneers’ have already been there, makes traveling simple and enjoyable also for first-time solo female travelers.

Because there is a well-functioning infrastructure, getting around is fairly easy and convenient. You don’t have to elaborate on what you want. Probably, quite a few before you wanted the same thing, hence, the locals know what you need before you have said it.

Chiang Mai Thailand

There is a well-developed network of public transport that will take you comfortably to all corners of the country. Therefore, in contrast to other Asian countries, it is not difficult and also not more expensive to visit the landmarks even as a solo traveler.

In most other countries, you often pay for a vehicle with a driver. This is great when there are two of you or even a small group. But you always pay too much when you’re on your own. Not in Thailand.

Even though I was amazed that, despite a large number of visitors, very few Thais speak English well, it was never a real problem. People are just very friendly and helpful. And discreet. There is no catcalling, and no annoying discussions if or if not you need a boyfriend.

Last but not least, it’s nice that the locals are used to visitors traveling by themselves. You are not looked at as some kind of pathetic freak. And after you’ve tried out this big adventure of traveling solo in the safe haven of Thailand, next time you can walk those unbeaten paths with confidence.

Krabi Thailand

Contributed by Renata from BYE:MYSELF


You may think of Fiji as a place for a romantic honeymoon, but it offers solo travelers adventure as well. In particular, even budget backpackers will find Fiji a wonderful place to visit. Fiji is safe and laid back. You should exercise only the usual, common-sense precautions when visiting Fiji. Walking alone at night for example is still something to be avoided, but there is not much urban clubbing to be seen in town so this likely will not limit your experience.

Fiji Solo Female Travel

So what is there to do? You can go island hopping on excursions or for a hike to waterfalls. There is also a great community of hostels on the main island (where the airport is) to provide you with a solid base camp to further explore.

They also provide nightly parties to those who would like to celebrate. If you’d rather not spend your whole trip on the beach though, Fiji also offers a reliable public bus to take you into or around town.

Noteworthy spots in Nadi include the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere, the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, and a large open-air farmer’s market. If you’re looking to elevate your experience with some memorable, luxurious excursions, check out Malamala Beach Club and Cloud 9.

Recommended by Taylor from Taytrum Travels


Laos is the perfect introduction to solo female travel in Southeast Asia. With its laid-back charm, friendly and welcoming locals, and fascinating culture, women traveling alone will find Laos a calmer introduction to the region, than in other neighboring countries.

Laos doesn’t tend to have the party scene that can be somewhat overwhelming in Thailand, yet there are still a large number of independent travelers moving throughout the country, making it ideal to encounter fellow backpackers. Additionally, Laos offers incredible value for money, is safe for female travelers, is warm year-round – and is incredibly beautiful!

For first-time travelers, sticking to the main “tourist trail” of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, and Vientiane Capital will allow you to get your confidence in dealing with transportation, accommodation, and food options.

Safe, clean accommodation is available throughout Laos, and traveling via mini-van rather than public bus will give you the chance to meet up with other solo travelers. Once acclimatized, try your hand at venturing south to discover all the amazing things to do in Pakse, Champasak, and the 4000 Islands.

Luang Prabang Laos
Luang Prabang, Laos

Starting in Luang Prabang, you’ll find beautiful gilded temples, magnificent turquoise waterfalls, and incredible food – the baguettes and croissants are pretty hard to beat! Head south to Vang Vieng, a small town surrounded by giant karst mountains, for tubing or kayaking along the pretty Nam Song River. Whilst further south, spend a day or two in the riverside capital of Vientiane, with its abundant cafes, restaurants, and bars, Patuxai monument, and the towering gold Pha That Luang.

Contributed by Marie from A Life Without Borders


While many people find comfort in choosing a popular, well-explored destination for their first solo female adventure, some adventurers have great visions of getting off the beaten path, sampling local cuisine, and interacting with locals. Myanmar is the perfect destination for this!

As tourism is still a relatively new industry for Myanmar, the country gives off an unexplored charm and offers an alternative to the well-beaten South East Asian backpacker route. The locals are incredibly friendly, offering warm and genuine hospitality, making it very easy for solo female travelers to interact and make friends. Don’t be surprised if you get invited to tea by local students wanting to practice their English!

Similarly, without the masses of tourists, it is very easy for fellow backpackers to band together and make friends. Many travelers to Myanmar are solo travelers, keen to find friends and explore together!


As a solo female traveler in Myanmar, it is important to remember the local customs and culture. It is a mostly conservative Buddhist society and women are expected to wear modest clothes, covering their shoulders and upper legs. A common outfit for local women is the longyi, wrapped around the waist and similar to a long skirt. Overall, the country is known to be quite safe for solo women travelers, and crime against tourists is low.

A highlight for many people traveling to Myanmar is the spectacular Bagan. With over 2000 temples and pagodas spread across the city; this UNESCO World Heritage Site is once in a lifetime destination!

Contributed by Luke and Roxy from Wild about BC


Taiwan is the perfect introduction to Asia for first-time solo female travelers. You experience the architecture, street food, and fast-paced cities you find all across Asia, but it is a very easy country to travel in and isn’t overwhelming for new travelers.  

You can easily navigate your way around cities on the metro or by foot and jump on a high-speed train to travel from Taipei in the north to Kaohsiung at the southern tip of the island in less than 3 hours! 

The top two things that make Taiwan a great destination for solo female travelers are how friendly the locals are and the country-wide wifi network in Taiwan that makes it easy to access the internet wherever you are. 

Pei Chi Taiwan

If you visit Taiwan, don’t be afraid to explore the night markets.  They’re busy, but they are a way of life for the Taiwanese. No matter what city you’re in, there are multiple night markets to explore.

They are the best way to find inexpensive yet delicious food and experience an important part of Taiwan culture. Don’t forget to pick up a bubble tea (or two) as well! 

Recommended by Erica Riley of Travels with Erica


Japan – the land of the rising sun, long line-ups, amazing food, and automatic toilets. There are many reasons why Japan is the perfect destination for first-time solo female travelers.

Exploring Japan Alone

Japan is one of the safest countries on earth, ranking in the top 10 of the Global Peace Index. Violent crime is almost non-existent as the Japanese culture places a high emphasis on order, peacefulness, and prosperity. Their quality of life is second to none, and they have very little international conflict with neighboring countries.

Whilst traveling to a non-English speaking country might sound a little daunting for first-time solo female travelers, don’t let this put you off visiting Japan.

Many Japanese citizens do not speak English well, but most of them know enough to get by. And almost all of them will go out of their way to assist you in any way they can. The Japanese truly are very welcoming, caring, and considerate people.

The public transport system in Japan is one of the best and cleanest in the world. It is also relatively easy for a foreigner to navigate. Most transport lines are color-coded and just about every sign has an English translation, as well as Japanese. The subway in Tokyo even has women-only designated carriages marked on the platform in pink.

Japan Solo Female Travel Destination

Japan is without a doubt one of the safest countries for solo female travelers. While there are many things you should know before you visit Japan, it’s one of the best countries to experience a completely different culture and still be able to enjoy your trip knowing that you can feel ‘safe’ in a strange country.

Not sure what to pack for a trip to this amazing solo travel destination? Check out this Japan packing list.

Contributed by Amanda of Fly Stay Luxe


Singapore is the perfect destination for solo female travelers as it’s one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia, if not the world!

With its compact size and efficient transportation system, traveling around the country has never been easier. If you want to save money, make sure to buy a Singapore Tourist Pass which will give you unlimited rides on buses and trains. It’s also more convenient since you won’t have to buy a ticket every single time.

Another reason why you should visit Singapore is that it has a wide range of hostels to cater to budget and solo travelers. But if you want a little more privacy, you can choose to stay in a capsule hotel for a fraction of the price you would normally pay for a regular hotel!

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore

Finally, some of the best things to do in Singapore don’t cost a lot of money, In fact, some of them are completely free like the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay, street arts in Little India, and Haji Lane, Buddha Tooth Relic temple in Chinatown, and more!

And make sure to also visit some of the best instagrammable places in Singapore if you want to see the country’s most eclectic and colorful neighborhoods!

Contributed by Stephanie from Let’s Venture Out

Solo Female Travel Destinations in Europe

Greece & the Greek Islands

If you are looking for somewhere great to visit as a first-time solo female traveler, Greece and its islands are perfect. Travel is easy, many Greeks speak English and are friendly and helpful.

Athens is the most popular city and easy to explore on your own. The ancient Acropolis studded with marble monuments, including the Parthenon, is spectacular. You can immerse yourself in ancient history as there is much to see, but if not, there are markets and shops for browsing and restaurants to suit all budgets. The nightlife is good, but best not to walk alone at night and to keep a close eye on your possessions – much the same as in any large city.

There are a number of ferries from Pireaus to the Greek islands including Mykonos, Ios, Paros, and Crete. All a great choice for solo travelers. with amazing beaches, great nightlife, and many archaeological sites to visit.

A fun way to explore them is to join a tour as this is a great way to meet friends. There are various classes to join too including one teaching how to cook Greek food –  a fun way to interact with others.

Island Hopping is very popular among visitors and you are bound to meet new friends on the ferry. 

Sunset on Naxos Greek Islands
Sunset on Naxos Island

Contributed by Chrysoula from Greece Travel Ideas


Spain has plenty to offer to any type of traveler, from vibrant cities and towns to vast national parks and dreamy beaches. If it’s your first time traveling alone, you’ll be happy to find a beautiful country waiting to be explored, friendly locals who are eager to help, an easy transportation system, and activities for every budget.

Getting around Spain’s cities and towns is extremely convenient thanks to a fantastic train system and daily flights (which can sometimes be cheaper than train rides), which means you can easily visit multiple places on one trip.

Valencia Spain

Overall, Spain might not be a budget-friendly destination, but you can definitely enjoy it without breaking the bank. There are plenty of accommodations, restaurants, and activities for every budget, and even in the big bustling cities, there’s no shortage of free things to do, including visiting museums, parks, and historical sites.

From wandering around Valencias old town to visiting Madrid’s amazing Prado art museum to exploring Gaudi’s architectural creations in Barcelona, you can enjoy exciting places without spending any money.

Spain is also considered a safe destination, though you should always follow basic safety rules like watching out for pickpockets. In addition, although many of the locals don’t speak very good English, they’re always kind and will find a way to help you.

Contributed by Or from My Path in the World


Ireland is one of the friendliest countries in Europe and its residents are extraordinarily hospitable to tourists and visitors from around the world. Solo female travelers should feel right at home while exploring the Emerald Isle. 

It comes as no surprise that Dublin is one of the best cities for female solo travelers, according to Tourlane. Take your time touring this city either by bus or by metro, both of which are very easy to navigate. Never hesitate to ask for directions or assistance from police officers who often stand on the platforms. They go above and beyond when it comes to relaying information.

Some of the top activities to do in Dublin as a solo female traveler include a free walking tour of Trinity College and seeing the ancient Book of Kells, photographing and walking across Ha’Penny Bridge, shopping and browsing through Grafton Street, and visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

If you love wildlife, you must visit Phoenix Park, Europe’s largest walled urban park where you can see wild deer and other animals. 

Ireland Solo Female Travel Destination
Ireland Solo Female Travel

Outside of Dublin, know that it is very easy to get around. You may take a train directly from Dublin to Galway, a smaller, though very friendly city that is very easy to walk around in, so no need for a car. A day trip directly to the Cliffs of Moher is also a must. Cliffs of Moher is a full day’s trip spent away from Dublin, or a three and a half ride one way.

And why not treat yourself while traveling solo? Ireland is home to many beautiful hotels and castles. Spend perhaps one night at one of these resorts for the perfect opportunity to unwind.

When traveling solo, it is always important to download any necessary information prior to your travels through Ireland. This includes maps, addresses of specific locations, and names of main roads as a point of reference. Most Irish will be more than glad to assist you. Wifi is also readily available at most restaurants, pubs, hotels, and town centers free of charge. 

Recommended by Vanessa Gordon from East End Taste Magazine


England is a great solo female travel destination. The British capital is one of the most popular cities on the planet and for good reason. It has a wonderful variety and diversity that makes it a great destination, especially as a solo female travel destination.  

London has got world-class museums, beautiful parks, busy markets, stunning churches, and extraordinary viewpoints. 

It is a city of dreams and there are hundreds of reasons why. Whether you visit in the summer and take a picnic to Hyde Park or visit in the winter and take a trip to Winter Wonderland. The city has an abundance of places to visit, things to see, and activities to experience.

Some of the best things to do in London include the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, Camden Market, St Paul’s Cathedral, Columbia Road Flower Market, Trafalgar Square, and Madame Tussauds.  

As a solo female traveler, it’s a great destination due to its accessible transport, cheap hostels, and independent coffee shops all across the city. There are lots of ways to meet like-minded people, both at co-working spaces and at social hangouts, such as fitness classes. 

Solo Female Travel London England
Columbia Road Flower Market

And if you’ve got a spare Saturday why not head to some of the city’s best museums such as Tate Britain, British Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, or the Natural History Museum.  

Contributed by Sophie’s Suitcase

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Hidden Gems in the UKEngland, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland


If you’re planning your first trip as a solo female traveler, Scotland is a great destination to consider. For a start, everything is in English, it’s not particularly difficult to travel around or find places to stay which are reasonably cost-effective, and everyone is friendly. Oh, and they speak English- which makes things just a little bit easier for your first trip. 

Scotland is a breathtaking combination of stunning scenery, brutal history, and unique culture. The music, the food, the places to visit are all utterly unique to the country.

Scotland Solo Female Travel Destination
bagpiper in Scotland

If you like Castles, there are hundreds to explore. There are also whiskey distilleries around nearly every corner and beaches so pretty you won’t believe they’re real.

If you’re lucky enough to be motorhome wild camping in Scotland (which is pretty safe, even as a lone female), you can stay right on the shores of some of these beaches- for free!

One of the best things to do in Scotland, especially in the Highlands is to hike. There are multiple trails and walks (guides are available from the tourist offices if you’d like one), or you can just turn up and explore wherever you fancy. Be aware of the weather, which can change very quickly. Some of the hikes are for more experienced walkers only- so do a little research before you head out.

Whilst you’re in Scotland, be sure to try some of the local foods. Haggis is… an acquired taste, but deep-fried mars bars are so randomly delicious that you need to be careful how many you eat! There are plenty of local farmers’ markets and cute cafes for you to indulge yourself in as you travel.

Contributed by Kat | Wandering Bird

the Netherlands

One of the best destinations to visit for first-time solo female travelers is the Netherlands. This country is fascinating to visit, and there is a lot to see here. What makes this is a great destination for when you are going on a solo trip for the first time as a female traveler is that it is one of the safest countries in the world. Another aspect that makes it a suitable destination is that almost everyone speaks English, which is very convenient.

Another reason why the Netherlands is great is that from there it is easy to explore more of Europe by train. However, there are lots of great places to discover in the Netherlands. The most well-known of these is Amsterdam.

There are many museums and sights here, and there is lots of other entertainment. Furthermore, the canals and picturesque canal houses look amazing. What’s great is that you can visit Amsterdam for a day and then move on to another city in the Netherlands.

the Netherlands Solo Female Travel Destination

Other lovely cities include Utrecht, Rotterdam, the Hague, Leiden, and Maastricht. Each city has its own charm, its own history, and its own fun things to do. You can easily go to these other cities as the Netherlands is a tiny country, so every city is nearby. A tip for if you want to go to the Netherlands is to visit during April. During this time there are beautiful tulip fields that you can visit in the town of Lisse. This is a sight that you just have to see if you have the chance!

Contributed by Dymphe from Dymabroad


France is a popular place for solo female travelers. As one of the most visited countries in the world, it is easy to maneuver the country despite not being an English-speaking country. There are many available travel guides catering to solo female travelers, it’s also a safe country to travel to, it’s so easy to find like-minded individuals in France, and of course, there are just many things to do in this country.

If you are looking to visit France, I suggest that you also venture out outside of Paris. France has many beautiful towns and villages straight from fairytale movies. There is Colmar with its beautiful and colorful half-timbered houses, the medieval town of Carcassonne with its fortified walls from the 11th century, the enchanting village of Mont St. Michel that looks more magical at sunset, and Riquewihr which is said to be the inspiration for the village in Beauty and The Beast.

Solo Female Travel France

Paris, however, remains one of the best destinations in France. Despite being known as the city of love and a romantic city, every female traveler should experience exploring Paris alone.

Among the top things to do and see is the Eiffel Tower – which is the iconic symbol of Paris, the amazing and massive repository of the world’s greatest fine arts in the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the opulence of Palais Garnier, the iconic church of Notre Dame and the many impressive architectures in Paris. One can’t get enough of the places to visit here.

To enjoy your experience better in Paris, make sure to be aware of your surroundings, especially at the metro stations. Pickpockets are a common thing in Paris and these thieves normally target unsuspecting tourists. And because Paris is the most visited in the world, expect a massive crowd. To save yourself time, buying skip-the-line tickets if possible is recommended. It will save you lots of hours especially if you only have a few days in Paris.

If you are looking for an affordable hotel in the city, you should contemplate staying at one of the Ibis Hotels in Paris.

Contributed by Christine Rogador from Journey To France


Belgium is a great place to kick off your solo female travel journey. It’s a small country, with lots of cities to explore. The public transport network is well connected, so you can rely on it to safely get you around. Visiting Belgium is the perfect way to experience a varied mix of cultures without having to travel too far, from Flanders in the north to Wallonia in the south, with beer, fries, and waffles uniting them all.

You’ll want to spend most of your time in Belgium exploring Brussels, the country’s capital.

Here are some of the top things to do in Brussels on your own:

  • Visit Grand Place, the main square in the city, filled with ornate buildings.
  • Go to the Atomium museum and discover the story of this unique atom-shaped attraction.
  • Wander around Cinquantenaire Park and see the Brussels Arch (look out for the European Commission on the way!).
  • See Manneken Pis, the famous statue of the peeing boy, and Brussels’ two other peeing statues.
  • Take a tour of Brussels’ comic talent on the Brussels Comic Book Route.
Atomium Brussels

Top Tips for Solo Female Travel in Brussels:

Watch out for pickpockets: Although Brussels is very safe, it’s not uncommon for pickpockets to operate on the metro and in busy areas. You won’t be in any danger, but the last thing you want is to lose any valuables. Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t put anything in your back pockets.

Favor street food over restaurants. Although Brussels has some great specialties like carbonnade and moules frites, their best offerings come in street food form. You’ll find most Brussels locals socializing in bars, with a cornet of fries and a refreshing beer.

Contributed by Kirstie from Kirstie Will Travel


Iceland is the best destination a woman could choose for her first solo trip. There are few places in the world with such a complex mix of dramatic landscapes, hot springs, and adventure opportunities. It is a great place to have fun, relax and make new memories. Besides that, Iceland has an incredibly low crime rate and friendly English-speaking locals willing to help. Safety will be no concern, which makes the country one of the best solo female travel destinations.

As soon as you get off the plane stop for a bath in the milky blue water of the Blue Lagoon. Just remember to use a lot of conditioners, as it’s not your hair’s best friend, and try the free mud masks. End the day in Reykjavik. 

The capital of Iceland has colorful little houses, plenty of interesting graffiti, great nightlife, a hipster shopping street, and the Phallological Museum. Yeah, that’s right. A cocks’ museum really exists and it’s in the heart of Reykjavik. Reykjavik also has many great cafes to warm up. What about an Icelandic tasting menu at Tapas Barinn? While tasting puffin might make one feel guilty, it’s a great chance to try some traditional food with a twist. 


There are two mandatory tours one has to take in order to see the diversity of sights in Iceland. The Golden Circle Tour comprises the Geysir, Kerid Volcanic Crater, Gulfoss waterfall, and Thingvellir National Park.

The Southern Iceland Coast tour includes even more amazing waterfalls, glacier lagoons, a Black Sand Beach, and the pretty Vik Village. One can also pet those cute Icelandic horses on the way.

Although the lights are not guaranteed to appear, the season extends from September to March. If one travels there during those months, there’s a high chance to see them. Choose a dedicated tour as they are only visible outside the city, in areas with low light pollution. As a solo traveler, renting a car is expensive. 

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Looking for a place to solo travel for the first time? Sweden is a great option for those new to solo female travel. A trip to Sweden will vary significantly depending on the time of year. In the summertime, the days are incredibly long and the cafes and restaurants have plenty of outdoor seating. In the wintertime, the days are much shorter. Depending on your location in Sweden, the sun might not rise at all.

Sweden is a fabulous location for solo travel because a high proportion of people speak English, its crime rate is lower relative to the United States, and there are a variety of activities to do according to your interests.

Stockholm, Sweden has many museums, a charming old town, a bustling nightlife, and many restaurants. The Archipelago has many quaint cottages and options for hiking, camping, and kayaking.

A visit to Abisko, Sweden offers the chance to visit Abisko National Park. In the summertime, Abisko National Park is the start of the King’s trail – a popular thru-hike.

In the wintertime, Abisko is one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights. Abisko is home to other winter activities including a ski resort, dog-sledding, and winter hiking. It is the perfect place to add to your Sweden winter itinerary.

Gamla Stan Stockholm Sweden

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Romania is a fantastic place for first-time solo female travelers: it’s safe, friendly, fun, and affordable.

English is widely spoken in Romania which makes it easy to get around for travelers around the world. Young people in Romania are especially likely to speak English which makes it easy to meet the locals and learn about their culture.

Romania Solo Female Travel

Some of the best things to do during a Romania road trip include visiting Bran Castle (the fictional setting for the Dracula novels), hike up to the hillside sign in scenic Brasov, explore the world’s oldest inhabited medieval settlement of Sighisoara, find the mysterious houses with eyes in Sibiu, drive the windey Transfăgărășan Road, and meet students and explore cool museums in Cluj-Napoca.

A tip for solo travel in Romania is to bring enough entertainment for the long journeys. Romanian trains are renowned to be incredibly slow and you may spend a whole morning traveling a short distance. 

Another suggestion is to not spend too long in Bucharest. It isn’t an overly charming city and there are more traditional and scenic places elsewhere. Also, make sure to eat some of the delicious Romanian dishes like papanasi doughnuts doused in cream cheese and fruit jam. Unfortunately, they only come in servings of two so you’ll have to grab a buddy or just eat them both yourself!

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North America’s Best Solo Female Travel Destinations


Canada is the second-largest country in the world. From trying fresh lobster dishes in Atlantic Canada to discovering the large cities of central Canada and mountain hiking in western Canada, there is so much to explore as a solo female traveler. But where to go exactly?

Here’s a tip: visit British Columbia (BC). It’s the one Canadian province that offers beaches, mountains, and forests all down the road from each other so it will provide a variety of activities while keeping safe. Vancouverites are outdoorsy and enjoy the region’s temperate weather as much as possible.

Vancouver beaches include English Bay, Kitsilano Beach, and Jericho all of which offer spectacular sunsets. Grouse Mountain, in North Vancouver, offers a strenuous hike, or easy gondola, up the mountain with amazing city views and skiing in the winter.

Stanley Park, a large urban park, hosts many cyclists, joggers, or walkers along the seawall where they take in views of the lighthouse, Lions Gate Bridge, and other iconic sights.

British Columbia

Seeing more than Vancouver requires a car rental. Drive along one of the most beautiful highways in the world, Sea to Sky highway, to hike Brandywine Falls or Cheakamus Lake in Squamish.

Further up north is Whistler, BC’s ski capital. And even further north is Pemberton, a beautiful rural city with large mountains and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. This park features a long hike along three glacier-fed lakes.

Need a break from the outdoors? Gastown, the quaint part of Vancouver will cobblestone streets and the iconic steam whistle clock has a plethora of restaurants and cafes. BC is safe for solo females in the day. Take caution while exploring at night and make sure to travel in well-lit areas. BC offers a whimsical experience for solo female travelers who are adventurous at heart. 

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24 first time solo female travel destinations
the 24 best first time solo female travel destinations
24 incredible destionations for solo female travelers

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