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Pantai Pasut Beach is a beautiful black sand beach in Bali and a real hidden gem. Home of the hanging palm tree, it is a perfect photo spot and place to relax.

Pasut Beach is a black sand beach and one of the hidden gems of Bali. It is by far my favorite beach in Bali, as it is less crowded and incredibly beautiful. It is the perfect spot to watch the sunset and to relax while listening to the gentle sound of the waves that rush to the shore.

It is the location of the hanging palm tree that tends to show up on the social media profiles of many expats in Bali. The hanging palm tree is located on the right and there is a small palm tree grove to the left.

I visited Pasut Beach during my first Bali trip back in 2019. And I do not think that I would have known it exists if I had not met up with fellow travel content creators while there. We drove to the beach and had a blast while watching the spectacular sunset from this black sand beach in Bali.

About Pasut Beach

It is located on Jalan Raya Pasut in in Tibubui Village, Kerambitan-Tabanan.

Unlike many other beaches around Canggu, Pantai Pasut Beach is not framed by touristic buildings like restaurants and hotels. There are just palm trees that line the beach and local houses. Thankfully, the few hotels that were built in the past few years are a few meters away from the beach.

Pantai Pasut is a very long beach where locals tend to play football or fish. While there I meet a local fisherman and it was incredible to hear what he had to say about the beach, how plastic in the ocean impacts it, and sustainability.

How to get to Pasut Beach in Bali

Pasut Beach is 22 km north of Canggu and if you are driving a scooter it takes around 45 minutes to get there. The route leads you through rice fields, small paths, and small villages, so stop every now and then to check where to go on your phone.

The best way to get there is to drive yourself. You could try to find a private driver that takes you there and then waits until you are ready to leave, but ultimately a rental scooter is the best option.

Pantai Pasut Beach Parking

The parking fee at Pantai Pasut Beach is 2.000 IDR. Hereby the parking area is to the left of the main access point of the beach.

The Best Time to visit Pasut Beach

Pantai Pasut is always a great beach, but it is the most beautiful during and after sunset.

Things to do at Pasut Beach

Climb the hanging palm tree

Most travelers that visit this black sand beach in Bali attempt to be a monkey while climbing up this palm tree to the right of the beach entrance. Hereby, the first part of the tree is the hardest, as it is the steepest. Observe how others successfully do it and try to imitate their moves.

I strongly suspect that I looked like a combination of a monkey and a seal while I climbed the palm tree. Let’s just say that I am thankful that there is no video of it.

Drive a dirt bike on the beach

Driving on sand requires a certain amount of skill so do not do it if you have never driven a scooter or dirt bike. Please be careful and do not drive too fast. The sand of Pasut Beach might be hard, but the wheels can slip. Especially if you attempt to drive outside of the swash zone where the sand is the hardest.

Normal scooters do not fare as well as dirt bikes. I do not recommend driving a heavy scooter with normal tires on the beach. You cannot drive fast enough to have fun and there is a great chance that you will fall over.

Dirt bike at Pasut Beach

Relax away from the crowds

There are way more locals than foreigners at this beach, so it is the perfect place to escape the touristic crowds. Pack your beach towel and enjoy a relaxed beach day.

Watch the sunset

Pantai Pasut is one of the best sunset spots in Bali. Arrive at the beach around 5 PM if you want to watch the sunset or earlier if you want to relax at a beach that is not overrun.

Be sure to stay until after the sun has set. It is when the sky turns especially colorful and starts to reflect in the swash zone of the beach. It is an incredibly picturesque sight and a perfect photo spot.

The Best Photo Spots at Pantai Pasut Beach

Hanging Palm Tree

The hanging palm tree or ‘Bali palm’ is a great photo subject even if you cannot climb it, so be sure to capture it with and without people on it. It is the one location that is incredibly hard to shoot as a solo traveler, as it is hard to set the timer correctly when you do not know how long it will take you to climb the tree.

Ask a friend to take photos of you and be sure to tell them where to stand and not to change the camera settings if they have a hard time finding a good angle. Otherwise, you might end up with some really weird photos.

Palm Tree Grove

The palm grove is to the left of the beach entrance and the perfect photo location if you want to capture a tropical vibe. Take your time to find the best angle and play around with the location.

Reflection in the swash zone

The reflective swash zone is the best place to take photos after the sun has set. Take photos of people walking, running or driving a dirt bike and capture the wonderful reflective capacity of the flooded black sand.


The swing at Pasut Beach is to the left of the beach entrance and in the area of the palm tree grove. I did not take any photos at the swing as I decided to put my camera away so I could enjoy the moment. I had plans to return there but it just did not happen during that trip, so I can only recommend planning ahead if you want to take photos at all of the picturesque locations while still taking your time to enjoy the sunset.

Best time to take photos at Pasut Beach

If you want to take stunning photos at Pasut Beach, you should take photos early in the morning or during and after sunset. These times are when the light is the best and everything is illuminated by impressive colors.

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I believe that Pantai Pasut Beach is the place to go to watch the sunset and to take epic photos.

Do you agree or do you favor another beach to watch Bali sunsets?
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