6 Reasons to Hire a Private Tour Guide


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There are many ways to explore a new city, but these six reasons will convince you to do so by hiring a private tour guide for your next city trip.

Have you ever booked a private tour guide when traveling or thought of doing so? If the answer is not yet, you should consider it for your next city trip. After all, exploring a new city with a private tour guide can allow you a better understanding of the city, its history, and even its hidden gems. Be it a city trip to Bangkok, Helsinki, or Sydney – it is always a good idea to hire a private tour guide.

Hire a Private Tour Guide / Why should I book a private tour guide

Whenever I arrive in a new city I love to go on a walking tour to get a feeling for the city and to figure out how to get from point A to point B. The tours allow me to learn more about the history and sights of the city.

Sometimes these tours are free and you can pay your guide as much as you want. Other times there is a fixed price. And I’m more than willing to pay as I love the tours. By now they have become an integral part of my solo trips.  

However, I have realized that the pre-organized tours do not suit my needs. Therefore, I started looking for options and found a great alternative.

If you are unsure if you should contemplate a private guide as well, the following list might help you.

Reason why you should hire a Private Tour Guide

1. You can design the city tour according to your own wishes and interests.

Chances are, that you would love to focus your tour on a certain area or learn more about a specific area. If you book a private tour, you can select a tour that focuses on your wishes and interest.

Do you want to learn more about Tallinn during the Cold War? Or maybe about Rome during World War II? The guide you select will be happy to tell you all about it.

2. You get to choose at what time your tour starts and how long it lasts.

Scheduled tours have a set starting point and duration. Therefore you might have to change your entire schedule if you wish to join a walking tour in a new city. And maybe there is no scheduled tour the day you arrive. You might have to wait a day or resort to an audio guide that will not able to answer any of your questions.

But if you book a tour guide, you can make the tour fit your schedule. It does not matter when you arrive or want to start the tour. The choice is yours!

3. You are the one that gets to select who will be your local tour guide.

In most cities, there is a variety of tour guides so you can select who will show you around. If you do not feel comfortable with a male or female guide, you can always opt for the other.

4. It is possible to remain in one place to take more pictures. Or you can ask your guide to tell you more about a location.

Sometimes you just love a place and want to stay longer. Be it to enjoy the view, to learn more about it or to take pictures. If you are in a bigger group, staying there is not possible. But with your own guide, you can!

5. Your guide can give you tips about the best places to eat and more based on what you tell him or her.

The choice of restaurants and even bars can be overwhelming. As your guide is a local, she or he will be able to give you tips based on their own experience. Tell your guide what you want to eat and they will tell you where to go.

6. You support a local that needs or wants a job without fixed hours.

Most jobs for tour guides require fixed hours. But those jobs do not work for everyone. So booking a private guide enables those that want to set their own hours.

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All these are reasons why I’d like to recommend Hi,hi Guide to you.

Hihi Guide is a booking platform that allows you to book private tours with local guides in many cities around the world.

Every tour you book is private so it’s unlike all those tours out there, where you simply follow someone with a flag. Nor will you have to push your way to the front in order to understand your guide.

Obviously, there are other providers that allow you to hire a private tour guide, so feel free to do your research on it. I personally love the idea behind Hihi Guide and how easy the booking process is.

Everything you need to know about Hi,hi Guide

How does the booking process work?

1 . You create a request for the location of your choice and the date you want.

2 . Local guides respond with personalized offers.

3 . You select the offer that suits your needs or with your favorite guide.

4 . You make the payment and receive the contact details of your guide.

5 . You go on an amazing tour!

In which city can I book a local guide?

Hihi Guide is available in 50 cities in 34 countries on six continents.

These include Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, and Cape Town.

How much does a private tour guide cost?

The prices vary between 10€ to 50€ per hour. Therefore a private tour with a higher value doesn’t really cost more than a standardized one.

Is it safe to hire a private tour guide?

All guides are screened by Hihi Guide before they get to take you on an amazing tour. Therefore it is perfect for female solo travelers that prefer to get to know a city before they start exploring it on their own.

What if I wish to cancel my tour?

If you cancel 7 days before the tour, you’ll receive a full refund. Within 7 days of the tour, you’ll be charged the full amount.

What happens if my local guide doesn’t show up?

This situation rarely occurs, but Hihi Guide has ensured that you will receive a full refund. It is recommended that you contact Hihi Guide right away, as the guides receive their payment 48 hours after the tour. 

Will you hire a private tour guide?

City Trips

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Have you ever hired a private tour guide?

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  1. Really helpful post Steph! I have been on a few walking tours, but I hadn’t really considered hiring a local guide. I would totally consider this in the future (depending on where we plan to visit…)

  2. This is so great! I’ve traveled a lot and tend to only do bigger group tours, but I might have to check out using a private tour guide next time. 🙂
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