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Corfu is one of the best Greek islands. And surprisingly one’s Corfu travel budget does not have to be big. Figure out your daily budget in Corfu! Everything from accommodation, food, and activities cost.

I do not know how you plan your trips, but whenever I explore a new area, the only thing set in stone is my spending limit. And while I had no idea when it comes to the local prices, I knew that my daily budget in Corfu had to be higher than my usual Asian average. After all, things in Europe tend to be more expensive.

As always I did some research in advance, but it felt like there was no resource that listed everything I wanted to know. The parameters of the suggested travel budgets just did not fit my travel style. This made it quite hard to estimate how much I would actually be spending. Ultimately I ended up choosing a daily spending maximum of 50€ for myself and luckily my average stayed below that number. But it still felt to plan a budget without a comparison.

About this Corfu Travel Budget Guide

In the end, this travel budget guide is somewhat of an evolution of my prior budget guides. And there are various reasons for this.

For one, my Corfu trip was slightly different than my Asia trip that served as the basis of prior spending diaries. This time around I ended up traveling with five other women, so certain costs were higher and split.

Therefore I will first share my own Corfu travel budget so you can an example of a traveler’s spendings when traveling with a group of friends.

Afterward, I will list the average price of all things that will impact your daily budget in Corfu. This way it will be easier for you to plan your own daily budget in Corfu. It makes the entire budgeting process more customizable and allows you to do so while keeping your own travel style in mind. With this Corfu travel guide, you can plan your spendings if you are traveling with several people or a solo traveler.

I want the calculation of your travel budget to be as easy as possible, so I really hope that this new form will help you.

My Daily Budget in Corfu

Chart that shows the costs of accommodation, food & drinks, transport and more in Corfu. Numbers reflect my entire Corfu Travel Budget
My Travel Budget in Corfu

Accommodation Expenses in Corfu

The accommodation costs were a large part of my Corfu travel budget. I spend a total of 7 nights on Corfu. Hereby I spend five nights up North in Acharavi and the final two nights in Corfu Old Town. In Acharavi I shared a small three-person apartment, while we rented a really cute two-bedroom apartment right in the heart of the old town.

5 nights in Acharavi including AC costs – 17€ per night – 85,00€ total

2 nights in Corfu Old Town – 20,25€ per night – 40,50€ total

Total cost of 7 nights in Corfu: 125,50€ / 148,77 USD / 115,97 GBP / 203,86 AUD

Food and Drinks

Greek dishes and the spices used in the Greek cuisine are incredible, so it is no wonder that I ended up spending nearly as much on food as I did on accommodation.

I do not do the entire breakfast thing, so I usually had one light and one big meal a day. Gyros, tzatziki, souvlaki, and pita – I ate it all. It was money well spend!

My trip to Corfu was all about relaxing and exploring, so I enjoyed a few cocktails. Let me tell you that Mojitos on Corfu are not the best, so stick to Greek beer or other cocktails.

Greek food in Corfu Old Town

Total food & drink cost: 121,10€ + 33€ cocktails

Transportation Costs in Corfu

Airport Bus: 1,70€

Green Bus to Acharavi: 3,60€

Taxi (Acharavi to Corfu Old Town): 14,00€ (85,00€ for 6 people)

Taxi (Corfu Old Town to the airport): 5,00€ (10,00€ for 2 people)

Total transportation costs: 24,30€

Rental Car and Fuel Costs

Corfu is quite big, so renting a car for part of the trip was a must. The women I was traveling with and I ended up renting one for two days. As there were six of us, we had no choice but to rent a bigger car that cost us 60€ per day. Just before giving back the car, we refilled the tank, but even after two days of driving only a small amount of fuel was necessary. All in all the rental car was only a small part of my Corfu travel budget.

Share of Rental Costs: 20€ for 2 days

Share of Fuel Costs: 1,50€

Total Car Rental costs: 21,50€


A lot of the things Corfu has to offer are free, so my activity budget was quite small. In addition to that, I did not have to spend money on entrance fees as many buildings and museums in Corfu are free for citizens of Europe that are up to 25 years old.

Boat Ride in Palaiokastritsa (1 hour): 10€

Old Venetian Fortress: 0,00€

Sun Bed in Kassiopi: 3,00€

Total Activity Costs: 13,00€

Supermarket Expenses

I hate paying for checked-in luggage, so I had to buy toiletries in Corfu. Additionally, I bought some snacks and food that ultimately ended up being donated to a nice old lady in Corfu Old Town. I spend 16,00€ in the supermarket.


Souvenir necklace in Corfu Old Town

There are many things in Corfu that make perfect souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones back home. Luckily most items are inexpensive, so the impact on your Corfu travel budget will be small.

I ended up getting a magnet (1,40€), some 4 cl Ouzo bottles that were shaped like Corfu for 3€ each, and some Fatima eye hangers (1€ each).

Total Souvenir Costs: 12,40€

Summary of my Corfu Travel Budget

Daily Budget in Corfu: 45,85€

Total Travel Expenses: 366,80€ for 8 Days in Corfu

Corfu Travel Budget

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Accommodation Costs in Corfu

There are so many great accommodations all over Corfu and prices tend to vary to a certain degree depending on the location.

However, you should expect to spend at least 17,50€ per night if you share a double room with whoever you are traveling with or staying at the hostel in Corfu Old Town.

If you want to book a private room for yourself, you should budget at least 22,00€ per night.

Keep in mind that accommodation prices tend to rise as more people travel there in summer, so be sure to book in advance to get the best deal.

Of course, there are also many places that are more expensive, but this is the minimum for good accommodation in Corfu. I recommend using booking.com or Airbnb when looking for accommodation in Corfu. Based on what I saw they have the biggest availability and fair prices.

Hereby Airbnbs in Corfu is especially good if you are traveling with a larger group as there are a lot of private villas you can rent for little money or if you want a cozy apartment in the town center. My personal favorite the ‘Mountain place‘ and my temporary apartment in the center of Corfu Old Town are just a small selection of all the great private places.


Transportation Expenses in Corfu

Airport Transport in Corfu

A taxi ride from Liston in Corfu Old Town to the airport costs 10€. Meanwhile, the bus from San Rocco in Corfu Old Town to the airport costs 1.70€ per person.

If you have a lot of luggage I recommend taking a taxi. Otherwise, bus line 15 is a great option.

Getting around in Corfu

The Green Buses run all over the island and a one-way ride costs less than 5€. It is not necessary to book the ride in advance. Just visit the ticket office 15 minutes before the bus departs or pay the bus driver at more remote locations.

If you want to get around Corfu by taxi, you will have to drastically adjust your daily budget in Corfu. For example a taxi from Corfu Old Town or the airport to Sidari or Acharavi up North costs between 60€ and 75€. Transport to Kassiopi tends to costs 5€ more.

Corfu Car Rental Prices

A rental car in Corfu with good insurance costs between 30€ to 60€. Hereby the upper price scale is the price of a rental for up to 7 people. You can get a car for less, but the road in Corfu are windy and oftentimes bushes hang over the street. Therefore scratches are likely and it is recommended to include an insurance that covers any and all damages to the rental car.

In addition to that, you should expect to spend 5€ on fuel per day.

Food and Drinks in Corfu

The food in Corfu is amazing, so if you are a foodie you can expect to spend a good portion of your Corfu travel budget on food. If you plan to eat out, food at most places tends to costs around 8€ without drinks. At some cheaper restaurants, you can get a full meal for a little as 4€, while amazing food at harbor restaurants tends to costs 14€. Hereby fresh seafood is slightly more expensive.

Yamas! Cocktail and Wine Prices in Corfu

Corfu is the perfect destination for a summer holiday, so it is likely you will be drinking wine or cocktails as you take in all the amazing things Corfu has to offer.

The cocktail prices in Corfu vary with some costing 4€ and others as much as 11€. However, most cocktails in Corfu cost 6€ or 7€.

A glass of house wine usually costs 3€ or 4€.

Is it expensive to eat out in Corfu?

The food prices in Corfu vary depending on the location, but on average a meal costs around 10€ per person. Therefore the daily food costs are usually 20€ to 25€ per person.

Entrance Fees

Old Fortress, Corfu Old Town

Usually, entrance costs 6€, but if you are an EU citizen no older than 25 years, you get free entrance.

Sissi’s Palace – Achilleion Entrance Fee

The entrance fee of the Achilleion in Corfu is 10€. The discounted rate for children, seniors, students, and more is 8€. Additionally, there is a family rate (2 adults + 2 children under 12) for 20€. If you want to avoid waiting in line, you can book e-tickets for the Achilleion online.

Activities in Corfu

One Day Boat Rental (9AM to 5PM)

In Greece, it is possible to rent a motorboat with no more than 30 hp without a license. There are boats of varying sizes and the price for a one-day boat rental depends on the season. During the low season, a 4 to 5 person boat tends to cost between 80€ and 100€. In the high season, the price tends to be 10€ higher.

If you wish to rent a boat for 6 to 7 people, the daily rent is between 110€ and 140€.

Additionally, you can expect to pay between 35€ and 40€ for gas for the boat.

Boat Ride in Palaiokastritsa

If you do not feel like driving a motorboat yourself, you can always opt for a boat ride in Palaiokastritsa. During the 1 to 2 hours boat ride you will explore three small caves and explore picturesque beaches.

A boat ride in Palaiokastritsa costs 10€ per person.

If you are traveling with a group of 6 you can get a boat for your group. This usually means that the boat driver will stop a little longer at one or two locations so you can go for a swim in the clear waters of the coast.

I would say that this boat ride or a boat rental are a must and should be included in your Corfu travel budget.

Diving Costs in Corfu

Corfu has some amazing dive spots that you should explore. On average a single boat dive costs 50€, while a double boat dive costs around 90€. Usually, this price includes rental gear. If you plan to dive with your own gear, you should ask about a discount. Based on what I saw, you can get up to 20% off.

Paxos and Antipaxos Day Trip

One of the most popular activities when visiting Corfu is a day trip to Paxos and Antipaxos. One of the easiest ways to do so is by booking a cruise that takes you to the two islands and that allows you to explore all popular locations of the Paxi islands. A cruise usually costs around 30€ per day.

It is possible to book the day cruises after you arrive, but during the season it is best to book the trip in advance. Either contact one of the tour operators or book the cruise of your choice via GetYourGuide or other booking websites.

Shopping and Supermarket

Whenever I arrive at a new destination, I tend to go to the supermarket to buy things like water, snacks, and even toiletries. If you do the same, your daily budget in Corfu will likely be lower than it would be if you buy drinks and snacks on the go.

In a supermarket mineral water (1l) costs around 0,30€. Meanwhile, sparkling water usually costs between 0,50€ and 0,60€. If you buy a 0.5l bottle at a kiosk you will usually pay between 1.50€ and 2€.

In general, the prices of all eatables were similar to those elsewhere in Europe or the United States. You do not have to worry about things costing more in one place than at another.

In most places I visited, there were trucks driving around that sold fresh fruit, so keep your eyes and ears open. The fruit sold by the driving merchants cost just as much or even less than at the supermarket and looked amazing.

If you want to buy toiletries you should be aware of the fact that most shower gel and shampoo bottles were quite big. Therefore they might be more expensive than in your country of origin.

Shopping in Corfu: Boutique

Shopping in Corfu Old Town

If you are looking to buy beach dresses or clothes with a boho vibe, Corfu Old Town is the perfect place to do so. However, the clothes you can buy here are rather expensive and usually cost everything from 50€ to above 100€. If you are lucky, you might be able to stumble upon a real bargain, so be sure to visit the shops even if you do not want to spend that much money on a summer dress.


Obviously, the costs of souvenirs in Corfu vary and it is impossible to list all possible options, but here are some of the most common things to buy.

  • Normal 4 cl Ouzo bottles usually cost 2€, while those shaped like Corfu cost 3€.
  • Magnets costs between 1,40€ and 3€.
  • When it comes to Fatima’s eye hangers, the price depends on the size and starts at 1€. However most costs around 2,50€.

Stainless steel necklaces and bracelets between 10€ and 15€. The price of silver and gold jewelry varies a lot depending on the style. A pair of earrings with Greek gemstones can easily cost more than 50€. So adjust your Corfu travel budget if you want to buy jewelry.

Sim Card and Roaming

As I have an active European mobile phone tariff, I did not have to worry about getting a sim card and what kind of data package I should buy. If you have an ongoing European tariff as well, you do not have to worry about it either. You will be able to use your normal data and calls without the European Union are usually free.

If you do not live in Europe, I can only recommend getting a prepaid sim card in Greece. There are many different tariffs, so you should give the article a read. Usually, Vodaphone is the best option when it comes to coverage.

I have a Vodaphone sim card as well and had a good reception at most places in Corfu. However, there were only some small areas where the connection was lacking.

Expected Travel Expenses in Corfu (2 people)

Prices vary depending on where in Corfu you are, but you should expect to spend 45€ per night on accommodation, 40€ on food with an additional 12€ for two cocktails, an average of 25€ per day on transport, 10€ on activities and 20€ as money spend on random expenses like souvenirs. Therefore a one-week trip to Corfu for two people should cost you around 1.050€ ( approx. 1.230 USD, 965 GBP or 1.726 AUD).

Is Corfu expensive to visit?

Visiting Corfu can be expensive if you indulge in luxury, but it is possible to explore Corfu on a moderate budget of around 50€ a day. When compared to other similar European destinations, the daily budget in Corfu is below average. If you want to stay in a more upscale accommodation, you should plan a budget of 75€ per day.

How much spending money for 1 week in Corfu?

If you are traveling on your own, the average daily food cost per person is 20€ and 12,50€ on transportation. On average accommodation that is not a hostel for a solo traveler is 22€ per day. Additional expenses per day average at 22€ per person per day. Therefore a solo traveler can expect to spend 530€ (920 USD, 487 GBP) per week in Corfu.

If you are traveling with more people your Corfu travel budget will likely be a lot lower as transportation costs can be split.

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Roundup: Planning a Trip to Corfu?

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Will your Corfu Travel Budget be lower or higher than you expected it to be?

Let me know in the comments down below!

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