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This Gran Canaria travel budget guide will tell you everything you need to know to plan your Gran Canaria vacation costs – accommodation, transport, activity costs & more

Planning your Gran Canaria travel budget is not easy, as the island offers a lot of different activities and accommodations. You can plan a trip that suits your dreams – be it a relaxing beach vacation with an all-inclusive package or an adventure full of road trips, hiking, diving, and other outdoor activities. And if you want to, you can even mix it up and combine a few adventurous days with a relaxed hotel stay.

While exploring islands in Europe tends to be more expensive than in Asia, the higher costs are more than worth it when it comes to Gran Canaria. After all, the island is full of amazing landscapes, cities, and things to do. You are bound to find what you love and after reading this Gran Canaria travel budget guide, you will know how much the trip of your dreams will cost you. And maybe you will even stumble upon some things that you will want to add to your trip.

About this Gran Canaria Travel Budget Guide

This Gran Canaria travel budget guide is based on a press trip, but I looked up how much everything would have cost me if I had paid for everything. That way, it will be easier for you to plan your own Gran Canaria vacation costs, if you want to follow a similar itinerary.

Like my last travel budget guide, this overview of Gran Canaria vacation costs is split into two parts. In the first part, you can see how much my trip cost so you have a comprehensive overview.

Triangle View Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

After listing all of my own expenses in Gran Canaria, I will list the average price of all things that could impact your daily budget in Gran Canaria. This way it will be easier for you to figure out how high your own Gran Canaria travel budget per day will be. You can easily add or exclude the things you do or do not want to do, and adjust everything based on whether you are traveling alone, with a friend, or with a group.

My Gran Canaria Travel Budget

My daily Gran Canaria travel budget & total vacation cost

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When this blog post was first published in October 2021, the exchange rate was as follows:
10 EUR equals 11,57 USD, 16,02 AUD, or 8,59 GBP.

Accommodation Expenses in Gran Canaria

As I was working with the tourism board and some hotels, especially the Gloria Palace, I got the chance to experience everything from a hostel, a vacation house, and a luxurious room with a private pool with an all-inclusive package. Therefore, this Gran Canaria travel budget guide will be much more in-depth than any previous guides about vacation costs when it comes to accommodation costs.

For the biggest part of my trip, I shared the room costs with a fellow blogger, so I will break the costs down to show how much the room cost in total and how much the price per person was. Please be aware of the fact that I did not pay for all hotel stays. I did however look up the exact costs of everything to give you a comprehensive overview.

Gran Canaria Amadores Thalasso Hotel
Gloria Palace Amadores

2 nights in HiTide Surf House, Las Palmas (dorm room) – 17,50€ per night – 35€ total

1 night in Kumara Serenoa by Lopesan Hotels, Maspalomas (suite with breakfast) – 140,05€ per night – 140,05€ total – 46,70€ p.p.

3 nights in Hotel & Spa Cordial Roca Negra (now Occidental Roca Negra), Agaete (classic sea view room with breakfast) – 125€ per night – 375€ total187,50€ p.p.

3 nights in Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel, Puerto Rico (double room premium sea view private pool, all-inclusive) – 340€ per night – 1.020€ total 510€ p.p. + 24,00€ Thalasso Get Fit Pool

7 nights in Lala’s House, Ingenio (entire house) – 46,57€ per night – 326€ total 163€ p.p.

1 night in Boutique Hotel Cordial La Peregrina, Las Palmas (double room) – 78€ per night – 78€ total 39€ p.p.

1 night in Sweet Stays, Las Palmas (private room) – 25€ per night – 25€ total

My total cost of 18 nights in Gran Canaria:
1.030,20 EUR / 1192,09 USD / 885,12 GBP / 1650,55 AUD
average price per night: 57,23€ p.p.

Food and Drinks Expenses + Supermarket

Unlike during other adventures of mine, I only ate five full meals at restaurants while exploring Gran Canaria. This can mostly be attributed to the fact that I spend an entire week living in a rental house which allowed me and my travel buddy Florine to try out hand at making Canarian food and tapas. While staying in hotels, breakfast was often included and for three days, I even had an all-inclusive package. Therefore, it was enough to simply grab some smaller snacks while out and about instead of sitting down to enjoy a full meal.

Eating out: 56,55€

average price per meal: 11,31€

Gran Canaria Travel Budget Food

While shopping at the supermarket, my friend and I decided to split all expenses in half. We went to the shops several times to ensure that we did not have to throw anything away at the end of our trip. For the most part, we bought vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese, hummus, guacamole, flour, milk, eggs, and chicken. Funnily enough, our cheese expenses made up a fourth of our supermarket budget.

Total supermarket expenses: 110,96€ – my share: 55,48€ + 8,58€

Total eating out costs: 56,55 EUR / 65,44 USD / 48,59 GBP / 90,60 AUD
+ cocktails 14,00 EUR / 16,20 USD / 12,03 GBP / 22,43 AUD
+ supermarket 64,06 EUR / 74,13 USD / 55,04 GBP / 102,64 AUD

Transportation Costs in Gran Canaria

Airport Bus (LPA to Las Palmas & Las Palmas to LPA): 4,60€

My total public transportation costs: 4,60 EUR / 5,32 USD / 3,95 GBP / 7,37 AUD

Rental Car and Fuel Costs

Gran Canaria is not a small island and therefore perfect for shorter road trips. We had a rental car for 17 days which allowed us to see amazing locations all over the island, so I can only recommend you to rent a car even if doing so does increase your Gran Canaria travel budget. Our rental car was from Tirma Rent a Car and I can only recommend them as they were great.

Rental Car Gran Canaria Vacation Costs

Total Rental Costs: 645,15€ for 17 days; 37,95€ per day

Share of Car Rental Costs: 322,58€

Total Fuel Costs: 79,00€

Share of Fuel Costs: 39,50€

Total Parking Costs: 31,20€

My total car rental costs: 377,68 EUR / 437,03 USD / 324,49 GBP / 605,11 AUD
average cost per rental day: 44,43 EUR (22,22 per person)


There are a lot of free activities in Gran Canaria, but when it comes to these things to do in Gran Canaria, the additional expenses are well worth it.

Dolphin and whale watching cruise Spirit of the Sea: 35€

Coffee plantation tour with taste testing of local food and drinks: 10€

Cathedral Rooftop Access, Las Palmas: 1.50€

Scuba Diving

3 dives in Agaete Buceo Agaete: 150€ (double boat dive + 1 shore dive)

2 dives in Anfi Del Mar Scuba Sur: 72€ (double boat dive)

6 dives in Arinaga: 190€ (2 double shore dives + double boat dive)

My total activity costs: 458,50 EUR / 530,55 USD / 393,93 GBP / 734,59 AUD

Gran Canaria Vacation Cost Activities


I love buying small souvenirs for both family and friends and myself. When it comes to Gran Canaria, I mostly bought things related to local delicacies as I fell in love with the Canarian cuisine.

magnet, metal salamander, sand postcard, mojo cookbook: 11,35€

local marmalade & cookies, a bottle of mojo picante, a 1l bottle of Ron Miel: 20,60€

My total souvenir costs: 29,65 EUR / 34,31 USD / 25,47 GBP / 47,50 AUD

Summary of my Gran Canaria Travel Budget

My Daily Gran Canaria Vacation Costs: 107,12€
123,95 USD / 92,03 GBP / 171,62 AUD

My Total Gran Canaria Travel Budget: 2035,24€ for 19 Days
2355,06 USD / 1748,63 GBP / 3260,79 AUD

Gran Canaria Travel Budget

Accommodation Costs in Gran Canaria

There are accommodations of every price class and form all over Gran Canaria, and prices tend to vary depending on the location and the season. If you book accommodations all over Gran Canaria and mix vacation homes and hotels, so you can experience the different vacation types the island has to offer, you can expect to pay around 60€ per person per night. Therefore, a week costs around 360€ per person.

Keep in mind that accommodation prices tend to rise as more people travel there in the summer or fall holidays, so be sure to book in advance to get the best deal.

If you wish to stay within a certain price class, the different accommodation types in terms of costs are as follows:

$ – 20 – 25€ / night p.p. – hostel dorm rooms, vacation home (at least 1 week; shared costs)

$$ – 40 – 65€ / night p.p. – hotel room (sometimes with breakfast)

$$$ – 75 – 175€ / night p.p. – 4* or 5* hotel, half-board or all-inclusive

Gran Canaria Accommodation Boutique Hotel Cordial La Peregrina Las Palmas

Transportation Expenses in Gran Canaria

Airport Transport in Gran Canaria

Upon arrival in Gran Canaria, it is really easy to catch a bus to wherever you want to go in Gran Canaria. The busses that stop at the airport have a luggage storage area, so you do not have to worry about getting on the bus with your suitcase. Just ask the bus driver to open the compartment for you. The cost for a bus ride from the airport to Las Palmas or the other way around is between 2,30€ and 2,95€.

A taxi from the airport to Las Palmas, and to other locations like Maspalomas, usually costs between 33€ and 38€.

Gran Canaria Car Rental Prices

Gran Canaria Rental Car

If you want to see remote places and make the most of your time, getting a rental car is a must. With rental costs starting at 35€ per day, doing so might increase your Gran Canaria travel budget, but it is well worth it. After all, it allows you to explore the hidden gems of Gran Canaria, drive to Roque Nublo, and reach some of the best viewpoints.

On average, fuel (95) costs around 1,119€ per liter. We ended up driving all over the place and even revisited some more remote locations and only had to fill up the tank twice.

Most towns and even many hotels outside of Las Palmas offer free parking. It is only in really crowded places that you might have to pay 2€ for a day (Puerto de las Nieves) and between 7,50€ and 12€ for a night or 24 hours in Las Palmas.

Getting around in Gran Canaria

If you do not have a rental car, you can use a bus to explore Gran Canaria. The fares are not too expensive, so buses are a good option for travelers that want to get from one city to another. However, you should keep in mind that there might be no bus to more remote locations like some popular viewpoints and that other bus stops might only see two buses a day, which means that you are on a tight schedule.

A return bus ride from Las Palmas to Agaete costs 8.80€ and a return trip between Maspalomas and Las Palmas will cost you between 6,25€ and 6,80€ depending on where exactly you enter or exit the bus.

Food and Drinks in Gran Canaria

On average, a full meal in a restaurant in Gran Canaria costs around 11,30€. If you want to enjoy a lot of tapas as you explore the island, you should expect to spend between 2€ and 5€ per tapas depending on the size of what you are ordering. A glass of soda in a restaurant averages at 2€ and a bottle of water costs around 1.50€.

Be sure to enjoy as much of the Canarian cuisine while there and ask what the local dish is when you explore picturesque towns in Gran Canaria like Teror. And be sure to eat papas arrugadas with mojo rojo at least once.

Cocktail and Wine Prices in Gran Canaria

You are on vacation, so there is a good chance that cocktails and wine will be part of your Gran Canaria travel budget. And while the cocktail prices in Gran Canaria vary, most cocktails cost between 7,50 and 9,00€. For example, a cocktail at the popular 8 Canes Cocktail Bar in Las Palmas costs 8,60€.

Meanwhile, a glass of house wine or sangria usually costs around 4€. A 0.5l jug of sangria costs around 10€.

Gran Canaria Cocktail

Is it expensive to eat out in Gran Canaria?

The food prices in Gran Canaria vary depending on the location, with scenic and sea view restaurants being more expensive, but on average a meal with one drink costs around 11,30€ per person. Therefore, the daily food costs are usually 20€ to 30€ per person if you eat all of your meals at a restaurant.

Entrance Fees


  • Casa de Colón, Las Palmas: 2€
  • Casa-Museo Antonia Padrón- Centro de Arte Indigenista, Gáldar: 0€
  • Museo Canario: 5€

Archeological Sites

  • Caves of Valeron: 3€
  • Parque Arquelógico Maipés de Agaete: 3€
  • Cueva Pintada (Painted Cave): 3€

Activities in Gran Canaria

As you explore the island, you have the chance to do a variety of different activities that range from sports to food tastings at plantations. Hereby, some of the most popular ones are the following:

Gran Canaria Activity Cost Plantation Tour

stand-up paddle-boarding – When you are near Anfi del Mar, you should consider renting a SUP for 1 hour. For only 15€ you get to explore this beautiful area from the seaside.

kayaking – Renting a kayak is possible at several locations around the island including Anfi del Mar. One hour costs 10€.

climbing/canyoning – The prices vary depending on the length of the tour but expect to pay between 60 and 80€ for an action-filled adventure.

Finca or plantation tour – If you want to learn more about the local products or the only European coffee plantations, you should tour a Finca or a plantation. Many great ones are located near Agaete including Cafe Platinum. I toured this plantation in my spare time and loved learning more about the plantation, its fruit, the coffee-making process, and the taste testing of local products right after the tour. The tour was only 10€ and more than worth it.

Day Trips

If you do not have a rental car or just want a day full of activities where you do not have to organize a thing, you can book a variety of great day or half-day trips in Gran Canaria. The most popular ones tend to be off-road jeep safaris, catamaran cruises, and even canyoning.

Diving Costs in Gran Canaria

If you love scuba diving, your total Gran Canaria vacation cost will undeniably be higher than that of non-divers, but the additional expense is more than worth it. After all, the island has amazing dive sites that you should not miss if you love small caves, swim-throughs, and vibrant marine life.

With prices ranging from 50 to 60€ per dive for shore dives, and 60€ to 70€ for boat dives, the prices are on par with other European diving destinations. And if you want to spend several days exploring the underwater world of Gran Canaria, you will even find great packaged deals that will decrease the price per dive by a good amount.

Gran Canaria Travel Budget Diving

Gear rental prices vary from dive center to dive center with some centers charging per item per dive and others using a daily rate. Be sure to add gear rental costs to your Gran Canaria travel budget if you decide not to bring your own scuba gear or lack some items like a thick wetsuit.

Read More: Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria

Supermarket Prices in Gran Canaria

The prices in supermarkets tend to differ a bit based on the size and location of the supermarket. If you want the best prices HyperDino, Spar and Mercadona are the best options and tend to have the largest selection. If the name of these supermarkets has an Express at the end, the prices tend to be higher and the selection is more limited. On average, the prices in supermarkets are as follows:

  • water (1.5l): 0,65 – 0,68€
  • soda (1.5l): 1,16€
  • soda (2l): 1,33 – 1,85€
  • beer can (0.33l): 0,56 – 0,60€
  • beer bottle (0.5l): 0,99 – 1,60€
  • mojo bottle: 1,95€
  • nachos: 0,90 – 2€
  • guacamole: 1,60 – 2,15€
  • cheese (gouda): 1,20€
  • local aged cheese: 3,88€
  • local cheese at a market: 8,00€


Obviously, the costs of souvenirs in Gran Canaria vary and it is impossible to list all possible souvenirs, but here are some of the most common things to buy.

  • small mojo rojo bottle: 2,30€
  • mojo cookbook 4,95€
  • a bottle of Run Miel (1l) at the airport: 8€
  • magnet: 2,50€

Sim Card and Roaming

At the time of visiting Gran Canaria, I had an active European mobile phone tariff, so I did not have to worry about being able to use my phone. And if you have an ongoing European tariff as well, you do not have to worry about it either. You will be able to use your normal data and calls without the European Union are free.

If you do not live in Europe, I can only recommend getting a local prepaid sim card. Getting the cheapest one-off rate is usually a lot less expensive than buying an international package from your normal phone provider. Vodaphone is a great option when it comes to coverage in Gran Canaria.

Expected Travel Expenses in Gran Canaria (2 people)

Prices vary depending on where in Gran Canaria you are and when you visit the island, but if you are not traveling on a budget, you should expect to spend 120€ per night on accommodation, 40€ on food with an additional 14€ for two cocktails or wine, an average of 40€ per day on transport or a rental car, 10€ on activities and 2€ as money spend on other small expenses like souvenirs. Therefore, a one-week trip to Gran Canaria for two people should cost you around 1.462€ ( approx. 1693,70 USD, 1.256,50 GBP or 2.341,71 AUD).

Is Gran Canaria expensive to visit?

While it is possible to explore Gran Canaria on a budget of less than 70€ per day if you choose to stay in hostels and cook yourself, doing so means that you miss out on some of the best things that the island has to offer. Therefore, it is best to spend more (around 110€ per day) even if this means that your Gran Canaria travel budget is higher than in other similar European destinations. After all, the things you can do in Gran Canaria make the additional expenses well worth it.

And if you wish to stay in an upscale hotel with an all-inclusive package, it. is best to expect a daily budget of 175€ per day or more.

How much spending money for 1 week in Gran Canaria?

If you are traveling on your own, the average daily food cost per person is 20€ and 10€ on transportation if you decide not to rent a car. Unless you plan to remain in Las Palmas, an average accommodation, which is not a hostel, for a solo traveler is between 70€ per day. Additional expenses per day average at 15€ per person. Therefore, a solo traveler can expect to spend 735€ (851,48 USD, 631,69 GBP, 1.177,26 AUD) per week in Gran Canaria.

In case you want to do more expensive activities like scuba diving, jeep safaris, or canyoning, you should add an additional 60€ per day.

Planning a trip?

Check out these useful websites and resources I use to plan my own adventures.

Flights: Kiwi

Accommodation: Booking.com

Rental Car: RentalCars.com

Day Trips & Tours: Get Your Guide —or— Klook

Travel Insurance: World Nomads —or— SafetyWing

Airport Lounge Access: Priority Pass

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Roundup: Planning a Trip to Gran Canaria?

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